Understanding Risk Management and Compliance, What is different after Monday, August 5, 2013

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Earlier this month, news hit of a Fair Lending settlement with a financial institution in New York. This one is interesting for a few reasons.

August 2013 ICSA Training Seminars

In this post, you'll learn all about the settlement, and what it might mean for you. By: Kinsey Sullivan July 18th, In this era of rapid regulatory updates, intense politicization, and changing requirements, you may feel like you're not sure who the major players are, and what we can expect in the future. If that's the case, this blog post will help. By: Kinsey Sullivan July 5th, The phrase on every compliance officer's lips is "CRA modernization. By: Karina Mariotti June 27th, This is important because the new law is NOT an entire repeal, and in fact, has sparked a couple of myths that we'll be busting here.

By: Kinsey Sullivan June 20th, If you'll be attending, this is the post you need to read to make sure you get the most out of the conference. In it, you'll learn the sessions to attend, local restaurants to try, and anticipated highlights of the conference!

A Framework to Help General Counsels Manage Increasing Risks

By: Kinsey Sullivan June 13th, Women in male-dominated industries tend to share the same kinds of challenges: lack of wage equality, glass ceiling, limited number of role models, and even outright sexism. In post four of our "Beyond Banking" series, you'll learn some of the unusual advantages to being a woman in the banking workforce, and how you can leverage those to help solve other gender-based problems.

By: Dave Patnaik June 6th, Here are the top 7 most buzzworthy headlines about compliance, banking, and personal development that from May Take a look, and stay up-to-date on the breaking news. By: Kinsey Sullivan May 30th, In this post, the second in our "Beyond Banking" series, we'll be talking about new ideas to help you grow in your role and expand your skill-set beyond banking into leadership, negotiations, personal success, and more! In particular, this post will focus on practical tips you can use to ace your next Board meeting. By: Jordan Hicks May 23rd, In this post, the first in our "Beyond Banking" series, we'll be talking about some of the more personal aspects of banking.

We will talk about things like leadership, culture, diversity, conflict-resolution, and in this post, negotiation. Whether you're a natural negotiator or are working to improve your skills, you'll learn some new tips to help you walk away from the next conversation in a better position. By: Justin Smith May 22nd, In compliance, there's usually some grey area that might not be precisely "on the map" - and some of those areas are more risky than others.

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By: Karina Mariotti May 9th, Specifically, regulators are looking to implement big changes to the decades-old regulation. Have you heard the latest? By: Kinsey Sullivan May 9th, Here are 3 mortgage lending trends to watch in By: Kassie Phillips May 2nd, Complaint management is an important part of your financial institution's efforts to comply and grow. There are many potential benefits of consumer complaint management, such as more quickly identifying potential issues, building better relationships with consumers, and proactively managing risks.

Here are 5 factors that your consumer complaint program needs to succeed. By: Trey Sullivan April 25th, Experts put the likelihood of Community Reinvestment Act modernization somewhere between "possible" and "likely. By: Trey Sullivan April 18th, Mergers and acquisitions are an important reality of the banking landscape today, and we're expecting to see a renewed wave of activity over the coming months driven by a rising SIFI threshold.

If your bank is considering a merger or acquisition, you owe it to yourself to read this post and learn why compliance really matters to the success of the deal. By: Kinsey Sullivan April 11th, Learn more about what's included and where to find them in this post.

By: Mark Piccolo April 4th, As a financial institution, it's essential that you know your Redlining risk. In fact, Redlining remains one of the top areas attracting attention right now. In this post, learn how to understand your Redlining risk in just three simple steps. By: Kinsey Sullivan March 28th, If you're a banker, or you work in finance, then you've probably heard at least half of these buzzwords. But do you know what they mean?

Compliance risk management

Learn the meanings of these common and not-so-common keywords that banking and finance professionals need to know. By: Katie O'Brien March 27th, Here are 7 videos to help you learn and prepare. By: Dave Patnaik March 21st, By: Justin Smith March 14th, Now that your HMDA data has been filed, you can relax a little bit. Or can you? In this post, you'll find out what's on the compliance horizon, and what you need to do about it.

By: Dave Patnaik March 7th, Your bank or credit union's growth plans in and beyond absolutely depend on your branch strategy. That said, the future of branch banking is more complex and the function of branches is changing.

In this post, you'll see into the future of bank branches, and learn what it means for your financial institution's growth strategy. By: Kinsey Sullivan February 28th, When it comes to CRA compliance, your so-called "performance context" could be a source of uncertainty. What is it exactly? What does it mean for my bank? How should I create it?

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In this post, we will demystify this key compliance concept, and share links to 10 helpful resources to help you understand it better. By: Trey Sullivan February 21st, As you work towards compliance success, it's important to keep an eye on your CRA performance and redlining risk. After all, your CRA exam ratings are public! By: Kinsey Sullivan February 14th, One incredibly creative and clever compliance professional posted this helpful, fun rap about CDD requirements online.

Read her training rap, and learn more about Customer Due Diligence requirements here.

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By: Trey Sullivan February 7th, Now is the time to consider your growth goals and risk exposure, and develop strategies that will lead to your success. As we all know, good compliance is good business. But it's also true that good business can be good for compliance! Here, you'll learn five common growth and compliance related problems, and how a better branch strategy can help you solve them. By: Dave Patnaik January 31st, It's the start of and you're busy. That's why we've pulled together 5 trends in finance and banking that you may have missed.

From CFPB updates to branch strategy, we'll share some great articles and tell you what it means for you. By: Justin Smith January 24th, We get these questions almost every day, and even though they're basic, we're sure that you'll find them helpful. By: Trey Sullivan January 17th, In this post, we will discuss how updates to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act are likely to change Fair Lending exams in and beyond, and how you can prepare.

By: Kinsey Sullivan January 10th, In this blog post, you'll learn a few of the most important steps of implementing the new HMDA rules, and see links to all of the most important HMDA resources. Use these steps as guidelines to help ensure your success with implementing the new HMDA rules.

Anti-Money Laundering: An Often-Overlooked Cornerstone of Effective Compliance

By: Karina Mariotti January 3rd, In this post, you'll find at least 20 regulatory compliance resources designed to reduce the burden of compliance risk management. It is by no means comprehensive, but we're confident that you'll find it valuable and learn at least one new tool to make your life a little easier.

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By: Harrison Shaw December 27th, As comes to a close, let's take a few minutes to review some of the most popular blog articles of this year. Do you have a strategy for Community Reinvestment Act compliance? You should. Learn more about the 8 elements of a strong CRA strategy here! By: Kinsey Sullivan December 19th, The regulatory agencies have released amendments to the Community Reinvestment Act that will more closely align that regulation's requirements with the new HMDA rule.

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Here are the basics of what you need to know. By: Kinsey Sullivan December 6th, Whether you're a Compliance Manager, Loan Officer, or Bank President, here are 5 free technologies you should be using to increase productivity, solve problems faster, and reduce stress. Best of all? They're all free.

By: Jordan Hicks November 29th, Read on to learn pro tips from the webinar.