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The have-nots of West Table, poor people like Ruby and Alma, "just don't mean spit" to the Glencrosses of the world, and never will. His moral cowardice opens her eyes: "There's no way to love that in a man. Grandmother Alma passed down to the narrator not just the story but all the resentments that go along with it.

Her belligerence in the face of the cover-up left her unemployed, and eventually led to a mental breakdown, after which she was committed to the Work Farm for a long spell. One of her sons died of leukemia and the others were left to fend for themselves, including Alek's father John Paul, homeless at the age of nine, who had to work odd jobs to pay his mother's keep.

When Alma re-entered society, she had become an embittered firebrand:.

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See all comments. Make the Church more beautiful. In Daniel Woodrell's new book The Maid's Version , his first novel since the publication of Winter's Bone , the people of West Table, Missouri are haunted by the Arbor Dance Hall explosion of , and by the fact that the truth about the disaster never came out: Forty-two dancers from this small corner of the Missouri Ozarks had perished in an instant, waltzing couples murdered midstep, blown toward the clouds in a pink mist chased by towering flames … To be more precise, it was never allowed to come out.

Forced to bury the victims en masse, the survivors turned both the bomb crater and its environs into sanctified ground: Throughout that summer human scraps and remains were discovered in gardens two streets, three streets, four streets away, kicked up in the creek by kids chasing crawdads, in deep muck at the stockyards halfway up the hill.

That fall, when roof gutters were cleaned, so many horrid bits were come across that gutters became fearsome, hallowed, and homeowners let a few respectful leaks develop that winter rather than disturb the dead. No comments See all comments. Email Newsletter sample. Stay informed.

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Sign up for our Free newsletter. Email Address. Woodrell has a gift for depicting the divide between haves and have-nots in a way that is never sentimental or homiletic.

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In his bleak world, inequities are a part of life in the same manner as physics or biology: inescapably. His survivors are those who learn to navigate hardship without whining. Those fancy-pants sorts are the people have to hire you someday — they can tell if you hate them in general. Woodrell describes the miseries and pleasures of that life in a language for which he is justly famous, a kind of prose poetry that veers between serpentine eloquence and crook-patter deadpan.

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But in a book filled with bracing dialogue and evocative turns of phrase, these are minor cavils. There are gypsies. Happy Halloween: 5 Creepy Regional Stories.

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Reconsidering 'True Detective'. You had me at "Ozarks noir. Login or register to post comments. Yet another book and author to put on my 'to read' list. This column rocks! Rob from New York City is reading at a fast enough pace it would be cumbersome to update this September 12, - am.

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Dammit, my first thought was "You had me at Ozarks noir. Awesome review, though, John. But fucking Brian Richard from St. Louis is reading various anthologies October 8, - am.

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