The Half-Life Of Hannah (Hannah series Book 1)

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The characters feel both plausible and real.

The story is about so much more than just the return of lost love. The author uses both past and present to build a complete picture.

The Half-life of Hannah by Nick Alexander

Nevertheless, it has the ability to hold your attention. And it has a wonderful ending that completes the story in a satisfactory manner, while also allowing for more … This is a real page turner, and it is at all times exceptionally beautifully written. It is almost impossible to put down, and the story contains several unexpected twists.


I had not expected such a wonderful and emotional novel. This is a very compelling and emotional tale of family secrets. And a book I highly recommend, perhaps especially for those who enjoy family dramas.

Kim reviews Other Halves. Essentially, it explores the fact that reality and experience are not absolutes, but are, in fact, very personal. I found it really exciting to contrast the thoughts and processes of both halves of a couple as their relationship breaks down and as they struggle to build new lives and loves for themselves. In real life we so rarely get to glimpse both sides of the story! My parents were great Francophiles, and dragged us around France as children on a never-ending series of rather muddy camping holidays.

Hannah Horvath

So I think I grew up thinking that it was fun to be in France right from the get-go. So I sold everything up, and quite literally headed off with a backpack.

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When I got to Nice, I found that I really, really liked it there, and just kind of got stuck. Well, I love change, and I love the sun and the sea, but also skiing and snow The transition from the coast to the Alps here is abrupt and stunning.

Exclusive interview with Nick Alexander

The roads are some of the most beautiful biking roads in Europe, too. Hannah is a strong, reasonable, down to earth woman. Sadly, a couple of essential bits of information have been withheld from her, which would have enabled her to make entirely different and better choices.

But all is not lost In Other Halves, we see her using all her strength to build something new and different and rather lovely from the broken pieces of her life.