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The military historian Max Boot takes on the counter-insurgency maven Edward Lansdale.

Moseby, who rarely tolerates the twins' antics. After the show ended in , it continued with a sequel called The Suite Life on Deck , putting half of the cast on a luxury liner to attend the onboard Seven Seas High School, with other original characters visiting on occasion. It also added Bailey Pickett who basically replaced Maddie , a smart girl from a small Kansas farm often made fun of by London and serves as Cody's Love Interest ; Woody , a clumsy but well-meaning and disgusting classmate made fun of by everyone and Mrs.

Emma Tutweiler, one of the teachers at Seven Seas High made fun of by her own students and eventually Mr. Moseby's Love Interest. Meanwhile, reruns of the original show have popped up on Disney XD. I'm in the Band also has a crossover episode with On Deck unlike the others, this consisted of only a single episode that aired as a part of I'm In The Band only. After 3 seasons, On Deck ended in with the twins and the rest of the Seven Seas High students celebrating their graduation.

If the original series and the sequel are counted as a single series, it's had the longest original run of any series on the Disney Channel , at six seasons and episodes total though by sheer episode count and total number of calendar years on the air, it is surpassed only by Phineas and Ferb. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. L to R: Top row: Zack , Cody.

Middle row: Arwin , Esteban. Bottom row: Carey , London , Maddie , Moseby.

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Tropes in The Series. Answer Cut : This happens many times in the series. She's played by Brenda Song , the standard girl for this role. Attention Deficit Ooh, Shiny! Beauty Contest : This occurs in both of Suite Life series. First in the second original episode "Fearest of Them All" where Cody accidentally entered a beauty pageant while dressed as a girl.

Zack Wheeler gives listless NY Mets a chance but loss to Reds damaging

Characterization Marches On : London was initially portrayed as a shallow Rich Bitch , before adopting her ditzy qualities. She also got softened to sometimes become more Innocently Insensitive than actually mean-spirited. London and Maddie count as well since London is a Rich Bitch though lovable and Maddie is more academic oriented and less popular. City Mouse : London. Wizards On Deck with Hannah Montana for the second show.

Also the I'm in the Band episode "Weasels on Deck". Demoted to Extra : Since On Deck involved a small portion of the original cast being shipped off pun unintended to the S. Tipton, former main characters Maddie and Carey only appeared as guest stars and most of the recurring characters from the original show were Brother Chucked sans Kurt, Esteban, Arwin, Barbara, and Bob. In Maddie's case, however, this demotion may be justified , given the fact she was about three years older than the twins, which would make her a college student. As such it has several differences from the main series.

Maddie has brown hair and a completely different uniform, London is far meaner and smarter than she would be in the main series, and the furniture in the Martins' suite is different. The episode also features a character called Tuck who looked as if he would have been a love interest for Maddie, but does not appear afterwards. Fake Guest Star : Although, he wasn't a main cast member, Adrian R'Mante Esteban appeared in a good majority of the original series' episodes, and qualifies for this trope. Matthew Timmons Woody , who appeared in most of On Deck , never got anything more than a guest star credit either.

The odd case here is that, when Doc Shaw Marcus showed up midway in the second season, he automatically got star billing, even though the two play comparable roles. Timmons is , however, credited as main cast member in The Suite Life Movie. Flanderization : London's stupidity "Walk, chew, walk, chew While already not the most likeable character by the spin-off, some of Zack's actions in the movie required to jump start the plot really go above and beyond. Cody's dorkiness.

‘Adventure Time’ Is Slowly Going Off the Air, And Everyone’s Moving On

They turned him from a dorky kid who attended math camp, took notes on virtually everything the teacher said, and apparently took a full Advanced Placement load in high school, into an impossible genius: Various On Deck episodes reveal that he has written three cookbooks, a novel and an opera, that he has a patent, that he spent years translating ancient hieroglyphs as a personal side project, was building model molecules out of juice boxes in nursery school, and cut his own umbilical cord.

Maddie's rudeness to London Perhaps the Sharpay sunk in? Arwin's living-with-his-mom-ness "Mother! Throw me the house keys! Since then, this aspect of the character was dropped. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : In a subversion of the Rich Bitch trope, London gives every indication of being a genuinely good-natured person who simply doesn't understand that you're not supposed to treat people the way she does.

For all of his frustrations at the twins' antics, Mr. Moseby does show that he cares about them. Karma Houdini : Muriel often gets away with petty theft. She's also seen numerous times lounging around during work hours. Once when she interrupted a date , London asked her "Aren't you supposed to be working? London in "Boo You". She makes fun of Bailey's clothing and shows it off on her webshow. No punishment for international mocking whatsoever. No Respect Guy : Maddie and Mr. The latter's lack of respect even carries over to Suite Life on Deck.

Not a Date : This happens to Zack twice in both series. First in the original series episode "French " where he asks Bob to help him sabotage Cody's date with a hot French girl, although Bob keeps misinterpreting that he and Zack are on a date. Second in On Deck when Zack wins a cupon to a restaurant that expires early preventing from taking his girlfriend Maya, who is temporarily away for the weekend and takes Woody instead, telling him that it isn't a date.

Rich Bitch : When she's not sweet, London is extremely mean and nasty to most people and takes sadistic glee in hurting them. This is most evident in the Spin-Off 's episode Mean Chicks when she has something done so it hurts when she insults Bailey after winning a bet. After she wins the bet she insults Bailey a million times despite it hurting her, at the beginning declaring that it's Worth It. It's done with good intentions though,since Bailey doesn't have 1 million dollars to pay for the bet,London decides to make her pay by insulting her for one million times instead.

The later seasons make this a lot worse.

Screams Like a Little Girl : Moseby, when startled, which he gets quite easily. Cody too, and age has not stopped this trope for him. Shoddy Shindig : In the episode "Not So Suite 16", Maddie's birthday party plan was scrapped because her brother needed braces, so the only people who showed up were Zack, her family, and some bingo players. London meanwhile was having a giant, elaborate party at the Tipton, which, though an enjoyable time for all of the guests, was a mess for her due to her parents fighting and the amount of party crashers.

Spoiled Brat : London Tipton. She used to be Spoiled Sweet , until the absence of her father among other things changed her.

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Twin Telepathy : Subverted at least twice. Once Zack claimed that Cody broke his arm and he sensed it, until Carey points out that he was the one who fell on Cody and broke it. Another time, they believe a dream about finding an Alternate Universe was caused by this, but it is revealed to the audience to have been Real After All when Carey finds a coin from the alternate reality in their jeans pocket. Played straight in the movie as it's the first step to the Big Bad 's evil plan.

First, Zack says "Schnitzel this" to mock Ilsa's brutal team member. Later, Bailey uses it after being embarrassed by London on her webshow "Understand This! Visit by Divorced Dad : Kurt visited the twins a few times by himself in the first show and a couple of times with his ex-wife on the second.