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You can prosper in the omnichannel, connected, digital age. Here are three secrets for retail success that managers know about operating profitable businesses today and laying the groundwork for continued success in the future.

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They are responding with agility to trends in consumer behaviors, making data-based decisions to reduce costs, and automating processes to operate more efficiently. And the most successful retailers among them will adapt with continued change to continue to meet consumer expectations and build their loyalty.

How is your business faring in light of the ongoing retail evolution? As a strategic thinker and retail evangelist, Pankaj leverages his expertise in product management, software engineering and business operations to drive business growth and frictionless customer experiences. Retail managers with businesses leading the competition in the digital age incorporate loyalty-building principles into every aspect of their businesses.

Show your loyal customers that you appreciate your business with VIP treatment, exclusive promotions, and personalized offers — as well as loyalty rewards. Post a Review.

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Suzanne M. Victor Massuh.

This Google manager shares his secrets for building an effective team

But all managers have similar operational work; we want to show both first- and mid-level managers performing that work. We've chosen to show a functional organization, one where each manager has responsibility for a layer of the product and where it's necessary to organize across groups to deliver product—a common structure for a development organization.

You may work as part of a matrixed group of managers where each function has a manager, and people from each function are assigned on a project basis. Or you may work in an organization that's using self-organizing teams and Agile methods. Every organization has its own spin on how to organize, but much of the management work remains the same.

If you're not sure of that, ask yourself who's responsible for the coaching and career development and for the feedback to the technical staff in your organization. The person who performs that work has a management role. We have a bias toward Agile project teams, because the team manages its own work—assigning responsibility for tasks, monitoring progress, solving problems—and frees the manager to work on removing obstacles that impede the team and solving broader problems.

But we've seen many functional teams and matrixed teams be successful when they have effective managers. And we believe that the practices described and shown in this book can be adapted and applied to most situations.

Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management

You may notice one topic that often comes up in management books is missing in our book: leadership. To be honest, we don't buy the argument that leadership is different from management. We believe effective management and leadership are inextricable—and that great managers leave room for many people to exhibit leadership, rather than accreting leadership into one role. And on one level, leadership is a moot point: people who are not operationally savvy—who can't get things done—are neither managers nor leaders.

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