Red State Religion: Faith and Politics in Americas Heartland

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Because Tennessee—I mean this—I really do love you. People living in Tennessee were also less likely to feel safe walking at night than residents of many other states. Economic confidence in the state was among the worst last year.

Understanding the Bible Belt in the United States

Yes, I must admit, Representative Jerry Sexton sized up the inchoate needs of our great state quite well, as he noted that while Tennessee currently has a state fruit the tomato , a state mineral agate , and in a moment of PEAK Tennessee, a state wild animal the Raccoon, thank you very much , we currently lack a state book.

I love your trees, your mountains, your sausage gravy, your people, and your rock-bottom home prices. And I love that I have the chance to introduce my soon-to-arrive son to the grandeur of Fall Saturdays in Neyland Stadium. Then perhaps you should rethink your state book proposal.

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Mencken who first suggested that Jackson, Mississippi was the capital of the Bible Belt. Studies of religious identity in the United States continually point to the southern states as an enduring Bible Belt.

In a survey by Gallup , the organization found Mississippi to be the state containing the highest percentage of "very religious" Americans. In Mississippi, 59 percent of residents were identified as being "very religious. On the other hand, Gallup and others have pointed out that the opposite of the Bible Belt, perhaps an Unchurched Belt or a Secular Belt, exists in the Pacific Northwest and the northeastern United States.

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Gallup's survey found that a mere 23 percent of Vermont residents are considered to be "very religious. Many commentators have pointed out that while religious observance in the Bible Belt is high, it is a region of a variety of social issues. Educational attainment and college graduation rates in the Bible Belt are among the lowest in the United States.

Cardiovascular and heart disease, obesity, homicide, teenage pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections are among the highest rates in the nation. At the same time, the region is known for its conservative values, and the region is often considered to be a politically conservative region. The "red states" within the Bible Belt traditionally support Republican candidates for state and federal office. Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas have consistently pledged their electoral college votes to the Republican candidate for president in each presidential election since Other Bible Belt states usually vote Republican, but candidates such as Bill Clinton from Arkansas have sometimes swayed the votes in Bible Belt states.

Red State Religion

What resulted is a map that is a good approximation of the Bible Belt as defined by Tweedie and extending into the Dakotas. Other Bible Belt-style regions have been named in the United States. The Rust Belt of the former industrial heartland of America is one such region. Share Flipboard Email.

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The Un-Bible Belts.