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Go right to the staff room and meet Headmaster Bloch. He doesn't think Wilbur has the proper credentials. After finding Wilbur's faults, he explains his tasks. Tomorrow Arch Mage Alistair will inaugurate the school. Wilbur is to help the caretaker hired by Van Buren to make the school presentable.

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Wilbur is to clean the floors and remove cobwebs; also get rid of the flying kobolds. Then he is to locate the missing library. Click on the alphabets to read the files on the students and employees in the school. Click on A and check Allerdyce file. Get a yellowed design drawing from his file. Look at the drawing in inventory. It says that you fill the fire maker with flammable gas and then ignite it using complicated technology. If you want read all the files.

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Wilbur says that he has a binder for his spells. Bloch gives Wilbur an open spell to archive.

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Read the new spell in inventory to learn that it is for opening tabs, loops and the like. Look at the locked display case. The pride of place is for a Broom Ball tournament. Broom Ball is played with broomstick. Look at the clock with 10 hands above the fireplace. Look at the diagram right of the fireplace to learn about the Fireplace Travel Network, It shows which fireplaces are connected. One can travel from one fire to another fire. It shows that the staff room fireplace is connected to the library fireplace.

Wilbur needs fire and fireplace travel powder to use the network. Take the bellows below the diagram.

There is firewood left of the fireplace that he is not allowed to use because they are school property. Look at and take the paper swan beside the door to get another book page. Get rid of the kobolds:. The troll is a difficult creature. He found a penny on the door. He didn't like that because it wouldn't open. Out of the 5 released, one was fried by Van Buren and the other was eaten by the plant in the classroom. The kobold sitting on the banister lands on the back of the troll. The troll hits his back smashing the kobold.

Use the levers on the wall to open the window.

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The left lever opens the top window and the right lever opens the bottom window. Open the bottom window using the right lever. The kobold will fly and land on the top closed window.

Pull the left lever to open it and the kobold will be flipped to the open bottom window. See that the kobold is kissing the picture of the princesses in Chantal's fairy tale book. Wilbur takes the fairy tale book. Use the fairy tale book on Chantal's desk to lure the kobold into a trap. Wilbur calls the kobold and places the book in the desk flap. The kobold is inside the trap.

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Talk to the captive kobold. Wilbur opens the lid and was bitten. He inadvertently stuns the kobold. Wilbur places the kobold in the pencil case. Sweep the floor:. Look at the front door at left. The door is made up of 3 doors: for large creatures, regular size and smaller creatures. Talk to the troll. The troll looks at the door. While he is checking the door, use the opening loops spell paper on the key ring on his belt.

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Wilbur casts the spell and the key ring drops on the floor. Pick up the key ring.

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Go to the display case in the staff room at right. Use the heavy key ring to unlock the display case. Take the broom. Use the broom to sweep the floor. Wilbur realizes the problem inherent in manually sweeping the floor. He drops the broom on the floor. Use the automation spell with the broom to enchant the broom. Look at the broom. Get the fireplace travel powder:.

Remember that the staff room fireplace is next to the library fireplace. Wilbur needs fire and fireplace travel powder to use the Fireplace Travel Network. Go to staff room and talk to Bloch about the caretaker and then the tasks. The floor are swept and the kobolds removed.

Ask about the fireplace map concerning the Fireplace Travel Network.

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Bloch shows his fireplace travel powder but would not give it to Wilbur. Use the bad tempered kobold in the pencil case on Bloch. Bloch swats the kobold.

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