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Molly is an actor, producer, dancer and educator. Molly was recently seen in the two Cooperative Performances last year, Coriolana and Celsius Molly has performed regionally in Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Chicago over the last 15 years.

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Thank you for supporting live theatre. Ruth is another first-timer with the Milwaukee Entertainment Group, and she is loving every golden minute with this amazing production team!

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She would like to thank her loved ones — near and far — who never fail in their encouragement and support. Victoria is delighted to join a powerful cast of women and honored with the opportunity to work with Bryce Lord after more than a decade. She would like to thank her family for their encouragement in all her theater endeavors and Jason for his unflinching support. Sign up now to receive your early notification of future Milwaukee Entertainment Group events.

All rights reserved. Our shop features a 2, square foot showroom, 10 large gaming tables and enough stools for every adventurer. Join us for regularly scheduled roleplaying games, wargames, Magic games, and gaming and painting workshops, as well as monthly tournaments.

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In addition to our gaming area, our store offers a vast selection of gaming products. With new releases arriving daily, our shelves are always stocked with the best supplies for competitive prices. We are a gaming store run by gamers for gamers. Our staff is always up to date regarding the advances in the industry, and we are excited about the future of gaming.

So, whether you want to spectate a campaign in action, embark on a journey to slay a dragon, or expand your collection of miniatures and games, Little Wars is the right place for you. Are you trying to paint your Paladin to perfection? Are you a dungeon master looking for a few owlbear miniatures to test your players? Has your D20 seen better days?

From books, game mats, dice, paints, modules, miniatures and basing, we have it all!

Little Wars Australia – An open day of gaming, by gamers, for gamers

We are more than happy to accommodate your needs, and we can order shipments for you. Join the elite spellcasters of the Multiverse in Magic: The Gathering, and summon creatures to fight for you! Utilize your deck of cards to brandish weapons and spells to vanquish your enemies. Customize your Magic deck and group with two or more players. You begin with 20 life, and you must reduce your opponent to 0 life to win.

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So, build your deck, learn your spells, and embrace the power of Magic! The five colors of mana are one with the land itself, and a Planeswalker with a connection to a place can harness its mana. The powerful magic you command is supported by each color of mana. There are thousands of cards to collect, so you will experience a variety of opponents and strategies! Modify a unique deck, form techniques, and battle against your friends for victory!

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I received wonderful recommendations for new games. Truly a one of a kind and experience.

How to Play Little Wars, by H.G. Wells.

They greeted me when I entered, even though the store was full. Came and asked me if I needed help finding what I was looking for. Gave great recommendations. Little wars is an amazing tabletop gaming store. Everything you could want, from 40k to SoC. Great, well stocked paint rack and even magic singles up front. It is one of the greatest game stores in the world.

Come in to play a game, leave as part of a new family. One of my favorite places ever. It feels like a family. The staff is super friendly.