History of London’s Prisons

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Regardless, a visit to the Viaduct Tavern offers the opportunity to enjoy one of the few remaining, authentic Victorian gin palaces in London.

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A museum wholly devoted to juvenescence. Added by Mordy.

Newgate Prison

Added by dtheodora. The childhood home of Earth's alien chameleon is a humble Brixton flat. Added by taotaoholmes. Know Before You Go Visits to the basement cellars are possible if you partake in a friendly chat with one of the bar staff.

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Contributed by Luke J Spencer. Near This Place.

Famous prisoners and torture

London, England. Public access to clean drinking water was an instant hit among the masses. Added by Karitxa.

On the eve of a condemned prisoner's death, this bell rang 12 times outside their cell. A portly statue of a golden boy commemorates an unusual cause of the Great Fire of London: the sin of gluttony.

Brixton Prison information

Added by Luke J Spencer. Added by satxwdavis. Related Places. Glenside, Australia. Current look of the structure was finalized in late 13 century, and since then it remained almost unchanged Tower received damage during the WW2 Blitz, but it was repaired. During its long history Tower of London served several purposes. In addition of being prison, it also hosted an armory, treasury, menagerie, coin minting factory, and of course as a royal residence. The peak usage of this structure as a prison happened in 16th and 17th century, when many prominent figures fell from the courts grace and found themselves imprisoned in the tower.

As the centuries went on, Tower of London continued to change its purpose, but its use as prison always came back. During the time of First and Second World War, Tower was again repurposed to be prison and 12 men were executed for espionage. After the end of the Second World War, Tower of London was repaired from the damage it sustained during the Blitz and was opened to the public.

Today, this historic castle represents one of the most popular tourist attractions in the England.