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What I really wanted to say, but didn't because he's still young, is that this is precisely what's wrong with our education system — when teachers view physical activity and outdoor play as superfluous and external to the more important task of classroom instruction. This is a terrible oversight that is harmful both to kids' health and to their ability to retain learning.

Countless studies have shown that movement and play boost children's physical and mental health. The brain essentially just falls asleep when we sit for too long. Movement and activity stimulate the neurons that fire in the brain. Pediatrician Vanessa Durand explained in the Atlantic how movement "allows children to connect concepts to action and to learn through trial and error. That's just the boost to learning.

Is outdoor play a child's want or right?

Then there's all the health evidence. Outdoor play is a known preventative for allergies and asthma, which affects 40 percent of American kids. There's evidence that Mycobacterium vaccae , a microbe found in soil, has the ability to "trigger our serotonin production, effectively making us happier and more relaxed" source.

Outdoor play helps kids to develop their gross motor skills and improves the sensory issues that are appearing in more and more kids these days.

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As author Angela Hanscom wrote ,. New research from Scottish and Australian researchers has found that fidgeting children burn far more calories than sedentary ones and could substantially reduce the risk of premature death. The authors concluded, "Fidgeting or standing breaks during long periods of sitting in the classroom, or at home, far from being an annoying habit, could be precisely what we need. Obviously outdoor playtime is even better than fidgeting — and far less annoying to a teacher who's trying to keep everyone's attention.

I can't help but wonder why this is even up for debate; surely by now we understand that children feel and do better when allowed to act on their natural instincts to run, jump, and shout. That educators and many parents continue to smother those instincts and deny children their right to burn off energy periodically throughout the day is appalling.

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  • Frank stared at his phone — as though it had suddenly grown eyes and a mouth — and then he set it aside, resolving not think too much about Efe and her offer. When I asked her what she want, she ask for you. Allowing himself a stingy smile, Frank stepped out from behind his table and out into the main shop.

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