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Parallax Maureen Mulhern. Arreboles Boyer Rickel. Wesleyan Poetry Series. Tate's a favourite poet of some of my favourite poets -- it was fun to hear bits of their voices in his voice and, as an inexperienced reader of poetry, to speculate more generally about the lineage of poetic influence that has led to what I think of as the modern sound of poetry in the Internet Age. In my make-believe lineage, James Tate's an important giant. Whatever th Racing through this one in a couple days probably didn't do myself or the author a favour, but it's a library book, I had to.

Whatever the actual conditions were for the production of these poems, they all sound easy, they all look like a medium-size cardboard box full of packing peanuts that, it turns out, are bullets painted to look like packing peanuts. Now visualize moving a couple hundred of those boxes in a row.

[Download] Grave of Light: New and Selected Poems, 1970-2005 (Wesleyan Poetry Series) [Download]

That's exactly what the Internet's like nowadays, and that's what reading this book in two days was like. I don't recommend my approach, no matter how many brilliant poems I probably read in a relatively short time, the names of some of which I wrote down for future Internet reference: Goodtime Jesus Neighbors The Motorcyclists Five Years Old Man with Wooden Leg Escapes Prison Teaching the Ape to Write Poems First Lesson The Soup of Venus Stella Maris The poems on this list are short, which is the way my lazy taste normally runs, due to a character deficiency, superior breeding, and early exposure to Popeye 'toons.

Anything longer than a page got me thinking about private languages, such as those spoken between twins, and how I would never presume to learn a language that is spoken only between the genetically identical. In the end poetry is invasion and not expression, Nick Land said, and I kept having a gut feeling that you can't win a big invasion.

However, many little invasions? I like how conversational Tate is, and then drunk conversational, and then back to normal conversational. I like how writing a poem's no big deal, and how if Muhammad Ali'd said some of these things that James Tate said, virtually everybody around the world would have known them by heart. I like being surprised by a particular, personal sequence of things. I like the surprise of density of meaning. Poems do these things better than stories, it's true. I don't like being surprised so many times in a row, I start to think it's my fault.

It's not my fault that these total fucking strangers can't stop writing. Feb 03, Bud Smith rated it it was amazing. Then Dr. They take his wooden leg away from him. Each day he must cross a large hill and swim a wide river to get to the field where he must work all day on one leg. This goes on for a year. At the Christmas Party they give him back his leg. His escape is all planned. It requires only one leg.

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Apr 06, Bojan Tunguz rated it really liked it. I came across James Tate's poetry in an anthology of Prose Poems, and immediately fell in love with his style. That has spurred me on to get a representative collection of his writing, and by and large I have not been disappointed. This is a wonderful book, with some of the most imaginative use of images and language that I have come across. However, I believe that Tate's prose poems are superior to the rest of his writings, and would really like to read a collection of those.

Overall, however, I came across James Tate's poetry in an anthology of Prose Poems, and immediately fell in love with his style. Overall, however, I do recommend this book to anyone interested in more modern poetry. Mar 28, Julie Koh rated it it was amazing.

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Surrealist poems are often hard to pull off, but as John Ashbery also once suggested about Tate, the latter's poetry somehow makes me feel like a better human after I've undergone a whole barrage of his crazy, prose-poem scenarios. Oct 19, S rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry. Apr 23, Peter rated it it was amazing. It takes a while to learn how to read and understand Tate, and you need to give some of the difficult pieces a few reads - but viewing each as a free association dialogue at first helps.

In any event, whether you seek to understand or just experience, this collection is like no other you will ever encounter. Aug 29, Gary McDowell rated it liked it Shelves: ho-hum.

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I'm hit or miss with Tate. Read this the last few nights, and I'm still not sure with him. I do like a lot of his prose poems, but so much of the lineated stuff could just as well be in prose Jun 27, Jeffrey rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry. I'm not quite in the James Tate arena. I love the wordsmith, the abstract, the insight, the originality, even the quirkiness can I say that?

I guess it all begins with Simic and goes from there, even if Tate has won the Pulitzer. May 31, cindy rated it it was amazing. I'm reading it again and it's still so good. He should get more credit for changing the voice of poetry. I think Dean Young should thank him and all the fancy boys-with-attitude poets, I guess girls too, publishing now Nov 04, Jan Moens rated it really liked it.

Dec 24, Andrew is currently reading it.

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Any connection between freely associated images is a whimsical, hokey surrealist illusion. I traveled to Brooklyn in early October in hopes of sighting the poet-translator Paul Legault in his natural habitat. As I waited to catch a glimpse of Legault in situ, I noted hipsters and normals carrying books with their bare hands, but none were the blue and gold volume I speak of. Members of all the tribes, including tourists, read on the subway: e-readers sheathed in leathery sleeves alongside yellowing paperback copies of lesser-known works by Vonnegut and Murakami.

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