Charles G. Finney: Sermons From The Penny Pulpit

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A look into the notion of forensic justification and what Paul actually taught. Faith - By Charles G. From his systematic theology, Finney's expostion of faith is both illuminating and devotional. Most Christians fail to understand what faith truly is - this will help cure that. Vic Reasoner. All Christians agree we are justified through faith, but just what is the faith through which we are justified? The author demonstrates the biblical definition of faith!

The author examines the hatred of sinners for God and how God deals with them. Also lessons for those who wish to be wise and win souls! Finney shows how holiness, as ministered to us through Christ Jesus, is not an "addition" for the Christian seeking a "deeper life", but a requisite for salvation itself! Published in , the eminent New School theologian explores the topic of justification and its relationship to the Atonement of Christ. Excellent article. Making a New Heart - by Charles G. Finney as recorded in a critical tract by Asa Rand.

Finney's own version of the sermon exploring the issues of what the bible means by being "born again" and getting a "new heart.

12 - How to Preach the Gospel by Charles Finney - Lectures on Revival of Religion

From Sermons on the Way of Salvation, the master revivalist declares what it means to follow Jesus and its necessity for salvation. Regeneration - By Charles G.

Lecture 42 from Finney's Systematic Theology, edition. Covers similar ground as the sermon of the same name, but with more detailed depth. What does it really mean to be born again? Another marvellous sermon from the great revivalist. Salvation by Faith - by John Wesley. Sermon 1 of Wesley's doctrinal sermons, a classic statement of the Arminian position.

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Sanctification by Faith - By Charles G. This book is a must read for any Christian who wants to understand the scriptural and logical arguments for the open view of the future. It is very insightful, thought provoking, and spiritually rich.

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Albert Barnes was a pastor, author, and Bible commentator. He pastored the large and influential First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. He is best known for his extensive notes on the Bible. Millions of copies of his notes have been printed and distributed worldwide and have blessed many. His work on the atonement was one of his greatest contributions to Christian Theology. It is a satisfactory rebuttal to the doctrine of the Necessitarians, specifically the Edwardian kind, who taught that the will operated under the law of necessity rather than liberty. The Atonement in Christ by John Miley is one of the most exhaustive and important writings on the various atonement theories that have existed throughout Christian history.

This classic writing advances the Governmental Theory of the atonement as true and scriptural and critiques the opposing perspectives like that of the Penal Substitution Theory of atonement. John Miley was an American Christian theologian in the Methodist tradition who was one of the major Methodist theological voices of the 19th century. Miley had graduated from Augusta College and, as a Methodist pastor, had held nineteen different pastoral appointments.

He served as chair of systematic theology at Drew University in Madison, NJ beginning in , after his brother-in-law, Randolph Sinks Foster, left the seat to become a Bishop. Thomas W. Jenkyn is a classic work expounding upon the Governmental View of the atonement.

It is a thorough explanation of the atonement in reference to its nature, the character of God, the purposes of God, the works of God, the moral government of God, the providence of God, divine truth, the rebellion of man, the salvation of mankind, the work of the Holy Spirit, the Christian church, etc. This book presents the truth of the Scriptures in clarity and is an absolute joy to read. The Governmental View of the Atonement is a compilation book with writings from some of the best theologians on this topic. These authors present the truth of the atonement of Christ in a very clear Scriptural and reasonable light.

The benevolence and brilliance of God in providing a way to sustain His moral government while pardoning transgressors will be clearly seen as you read this wonderful piece of literature. The reader of this book will be left with a crystal clear understanding of the doctrine of atonement. Reconciliation and the Atonement according to P. Waldenstrom is actually two writings compiled into one. Is God reconciled to man or is man reconciled to God?

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