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But we've always withheld that concept of her forgiving herself about what she's done, that she's had to pay a great price. She's basically a war criminal. So fast forward six years and we're working on the final episode, and we wanted to do a Japanese ghost story, and hell if you're going to do a Japanese ghost story, Xena's got to be the ghost! So we thought, wait a minute, the ultimate redemption for Xena may be here. It wasn't the ending some fans had expected. She lived by the sword, and by golly she died by the sword!

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Was there a version of the script in which Xena lived? I don't think so. But no, for now this was the right choice. RJ and I talked about it eons ago. Renee O'Connor, eager not to be overshadowed, pipes in with her thoughts. She softened up, absolutely. Although she could soften a little bit, she was always going to be Xena. It was Gabrielle who was allowed to ask all the questions and pose the moral choices and go down the paths in life to explore traveling with this warrior woman where a lot of people get killed and hurt.

Not only did Renee bring that to life, but her character allowed us an avenue to explore growth in character, because Xena had to be Xena. RJ recalls the earliest appearance of Xena. Right away I responded to Lucy in a way I think other people responded. And then with Renee, it worked so perfectly. Tapert refutes the that this was the case with Xena however. Anything can happen. We wanted to do a musical episode. I would have killer Lucy and Renee because they played four roles and been in every single scene in different outfits.

We worked really really hard, and the rights proved too hard to get. But we chased a lot of things that didn't come to fruition, so forget 'em. Did Lucy and Renee prefer the comic episodes or those with a more serious side to them? It would be much more entertaining for us. I always loved working with Ted Raimi [who played Joxer] as well, and the three of us together had such a ball.

It was so outrageous and unlike any of the episodes where it's more of an epic adventure. If you haven't yet read the Masters and Mercenaries series by Lexi, you're seriously missing out.

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But as always, I digress Satisfaction brings the story of the broken Lawless sibling, Brandon. We got a peak into his hidden demons in the first book; Bran has a hero complex a mile long, but you don't know why. You know it stems from an event in his childhood which left him forever scarred, but you don't know what. All we know is that if there's a damsel in distress somewhere, whether stripper or hooker, odds are, Bran is right there trying to help her.

He's also the sibling that seems to hide the most scars from his past. When the Lawless siblings were torn apart and thrown into the system after their parents' death, Bran took the brunt of the luck and barely aged out of it intact. Now he fights his demons with his fist and a barely repressed anger and a violence that quickly boils sits below the surface.

‘Lawless’ Director John Hillcoat: Advertising Is More Dangerous Than Movie Violence

Watching the pain his brother's now wife went through in their quest for revenge, he'll be damned if he does that to another woman. So when the Lawless siblings set their sights on Patricia, the 3rd partner that they suspect was behind their parents murder, Bran breaks the plan and unveils the plan to Patricia's assistant who they hope will be the person that helps them bring her down. Carly Hendricks is coming off of a brutal divorce during which her husband took her for everything. A shy little mouse, her barely existing confidence took a real beating and she has a hard time understanding how a sexy man like Bran could hold even the slightest bit of interest in her.

What begins then is a game of push and pull. Bran wants her, but he's not good enough for her. Carly wants him, but doesn't think he wants mousy little her. As much as I loved the first book in this series, I'm a little bummed that this one paled in comparison. I think my main issue was the couple. I felt zero connection to either Carly or Bran.

While I liked Bran as a character, I just had a hard time disconnecting his hero complex from his true feelings for Carly.

She was just too much of the stereotype that he would typically try to rescue, so I suppose I had as hard a time as Carly really buying his love for her. Carly was just too much of a mouse for me. While she does have a backbone that comes out later in the story and I could certainly sympathize with and understand her lack of self esteem, her constant questioning of her appeal wore me down. She was a heroine that unfortunately I'd forget about as soon as I read her.

As a couple, they lacked a certain sizzle for me.

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Sure the sex was hot, but I just couldn't click with their connection. I found the suspense a bit boring at times too. The beginning and middle sort of dragged if I'm being honest.

What DID keep my attention, as always, was Drew. And it didn't hurt that his love interest is introduced here and boy does that set up already crackle with sexual tension. There's a twist at the end that I never saw coming, which definitely added a great punch to the story. I can't wait to see how everything concludes with Drew's book next.

All in all, while it wasn't my favorite in the series, the book at least helped tide me over until my next Lexi Blake fix. ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review Find me on View all 11 comments. Blake, well played. I loved the first in this series! The mystery, the revenge plot, the whole setup for Bran's story, I couldn't wait to hop into this one and immerse myself in the world of the Lawless siblings. Bran was portrayed as the one with the big and soft heart in the first installment of this series.

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The one who couldn't resist a damsel in distress, but also the one with major anger management issues. After the chao 3.

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After the chaos of the first part of their revenge plot in Ruthless Bran doesn't want another woman hurt by his family. He takes charge and crosses Drew's plans when he approaches Carly Fisher, while she is waiting for a date she was matched with on an online matchmaking site. Carly divorced her husband two years ago, when he embezzled a lot of money from her boss and dragged her sister into the mess, forcing Carly to keep working for the horrible woman.